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Ep. 238 – Vetting

The importance of vetting to identify the root cause of problems, and finding solutions in business.
Ep. 236 – The Simple Answer Is Often The Best Answer

Simple solutions are often the best, but ego and arrogance can get in the way.
Ep. 231 – Finding Truck B

The importance of finding and fixing the constraints that hold you back from growing in your business.
Ep. 229 – Art Is Beautiful Because Of The Rules

The importance of balancing between structure and chaos to move forward as a business.
Ep. 226 – Tactics + Production

Having a clear vision of the outcome that you want and working your way backwards is the best tactic for success.
Ep. 220 – Build Out The Starting Line

The importance of defining your current position in business to be able to build out the next steps and move forward.
Ep. 218 – Right Answer + Wrong Time = Wrong Answer

Timing is key. Mistiming steps and actions in your business will eventually induce failure.
Ep. 210 – It Takes Two People To Do Business

The importance of building for both you and your customer in business. There’s no winning unless all parties involved win.
Ep. 207 – Money Is Technology

Michael discusses why money exists and why understanding its value is key to financial literacy.
Ep. 192 – Writing Down

When we write things down, we free those around us to thrive in their roles. The message does not exist until it is written down.
Ep. 191 – Knowing It vs Doing It

You need both knowledge and execution in moderation to get anything done. We oftentimes get stuck because we’re focusing on only one and disregarding the other. 
Ep. 189 – Nothing Kills A Bad Product Faster Than Great Marketing

When there is selfish promotion of a bad product, it hurts the brand by damaging relationships with customers. Trust is broken through marketing a sub par product.