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Ep. 361 – Lack of Purpose = Wasting Time

Lack of clarity and buy-in leads to wasted time and unrelated work.
Ep. 353 – The Silent Killer, Boredom

The tendency to get bored and jump ship can lead to anti-work and a lack of progress towards long-term goals.
Ep. 339 – Navigating The Timeline: Microwave Dinner vs. Slow-Smoked Brisket

There is no magic switch moment for instant success, success takes patience and gradual progression.
Ep. 325 – If You Don’t Fail Are You Trying?

If you don’t fail, you won’t move forward.
Ep. 313 – Today is a Gift

Choosing to see every moment in your life as a gift, rather than seeing them as unfair or difficult.
Ep. 311 – The Cover Up

The solutions to problems are often right in front of us, we just need to believe in ourselves and follow through.
Ep. 307 – Blameshifting

Blameshifting is destructive and hinders progress, taking responsibility for one’s actions provides a pathway for success.
Ep. 303 – What Stops Most People

Short-term thinking and boredom kills motivation. Focus on the journey, not just the outcome.
Ep. 300 – Busy Does Not Mean Profitable

It’s important to decide and to define as an individual what profitability is to you.
Ep. 296 – Steps 1,2,3

If you can’t be wrong, you can’t grow. And if you can’t grow, you can’t move forward in your journey.
Ep. 293 – The Unknown

Overcoming the fear of the unknown and embracing it as a part of your life journey.
Ep. 289 – Emotional Decision Making

The dangers of making decisions based on our immediate emotions.