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Ep. 237 – Submit To The Way

A lack of willingness to submit to the way things are actually done will stop you from being successful.
Ep. 233 – Risk vs. Opportunity

Observing both opportunities and risks will help you make better decisions in life and business.
Ep. 232 – If You Have The Ability To Do It, You Also Have The Ability To Not Do It

The importance of having a growth mindset and believing in one’s ability to change and make better decisions.
Ep. 227 – The Bigger It Is The Harder It Is To See

A lot of things tend to fail when we don’t have a clear vision of what we’re building.
Ep. 225 – No Outs

Setting small goals and achieving them builds confidence and sets the stage for future success in your life.
Ep. 224 – What You Think Matters

You have to deeply believe in yourself and what you think to be successful in life.
Ep. 221 – Time Is Money, But How Much Money

Focus only on the work that needs to be done and then ask yourself how much you are losing by not doing it.
Ep. 215 – No Risk, No Reward

The importance of taking risks in life to achieve success and growth.
Ep. 209 – Right Does Not Exist

People are often stuck in life and business due to their search for a “right” answer. The right answer doesn’t exist, you get to decide what you want it to be.
Ep. 203 – The “I Can.” Belief and Mindset

Having a positive belief and mindset is crucial for making progress in life and achieving your goals.
Ep. 202 – It’s Better To Run

It’s better to run and get in a wreck than to be too scared to run at all.
Ep. 198 – Short Cuts

Having the humility to learn from others and grow quickly is key to not wasting time. Learning by yourself without learning from others is expensive.