Ep. 363 – Making Good Decisions Requires Honesty

Reflect on past decisions and actions honestly to learn and apply insights to similar future situations.
Ep. 357 – Risk It For The Biscuit

Life is a journey, figure out what you want out of life and just go for it.
Ep. 351 – Give It Away

True giving is a win-win scenario where both parties benefit and individuals move forward in their lives.
Ep. 330 – Time Horizon: Long-Term Focus And Removing Short-Term Thinking

Mapping out goals and visualizing life in years helps remove reactionary thinking and focus on meaningful work.
Ep. 327 – Making Decisions + Problem Solving

The better you are at processing and observing, the better you’re going to be at making decisions.
Ep. 319 – The Destructive Power of Freedom

The importance of having a healthy balance between freedom and self-control.
Ep. 317 – The Myth of Overnight Success

Success is not an overnight process, but a result of consistent effort and growth.
Ep. 309 – Take Step 1 and Then You Can See Step 2

Take that first step that will begin opening up the path to you.
Ep. 299 – Stop, Drop and Think

Making unconscious decisions vs conscious decisions in life.
Ep. 292 – Clarity and Simplicity

Clarity and simplicity are key to generating forward momentum in life.
Ep. 291 – Know Your Role

Understanding one’s roles and responsibilities in various aspects of life to succeed.
Ep. 288 – Decisions. A 2 Part Equation

Beliefs shape decisions, with actions following those beliefs and decisions.