Ep. 234 – There Are No Right Answers

There are no right answers, there are just ways to do things. You get to decide your own vision for success.
Ep. 219 – Vision Three Perspectives

Vision is broken down into large, medium, and small perspectives. You need to know what vision perspective you’re operating in to be efficient in anything.
Ep. 214 – Skipping Step One To Build The Biggest and Best

Avoid skipping step one and instead focus on doing the immediate step in front of you. Slow progress can lead to smooth and fast results in the long run.
Ep. 201 – You Get To Decide

Actions aren’t just taken, actions come from within you. You get to decide what type of person you want to be and act accordingly.
Ep. 199 – Guess Work Costs The Most

Getting educated early on about the things that matter will save you a lot of time and money down the road.
Ep. 40 – Curiosity

Curiosity is a sign of intelligence and should be celebrated. “Why” is a powerful word.
Ep. 26 – A.I. Disruption

On this episode of 5 Minute Rants by The A.M., Michael Abernathy explores how the disruptions caused by technology are affecting the flow of life and industry.
Ep. 17 – Don’t Overthink It.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t get caught in the technical with no vision or goal. What you don’t want is just as important as what you want.
Ep. 16 – Start It! Ship It!

Don’t overthink it, just ship it. Starting is the hardest part. A car without momentum will take you nowhere. Failure only seems to matter when you can see it.
Ep. 10 – 3 Pillars of Life

Sometimes in life we miss certain pillars. We simply stop caring in areas of our lives. You can only love other people as much as you love yourself.