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Ep. 179 – We Fail to See The True Cost

The importance of valuing the effort and hard work that goes into achieving success, rather than just focusing on the end result.
Ep. 178 – How And Why Are Not As Important As They Seem

Michael emphasizes the importance of taking action towards goals without overanalyzing every detail.
Ep. 177 – How to Fix Stuck

Overcoming obstacles in business and life through shipping and embracing failures.
Ep. 176 – Doing It For You

The importance of prioritizing self-care and being honest with oneself to better serve others.
Ep. 175 – Out of Order

Setting purpose to your plan will help you succeed in it.
Ep. 174 – Assumptions

Assuming every person is just like us, leads to misunderstandings and failure in the long term.
Ep. 173 – Replacing Humility With Experience

The dangers of relying solely on prior experiences in business.
Ep. 172 – Subtraction. Less is More

Substracting unnecessary things leads to positive growth in your life and business.
Ep. 171 – The Most Important Person

The importance of valuing oneself, prioritizing your needs, and taking action towards your goals.
Ep. 170 – The More Difficult It Is To Look At The Less You Look At It

Identifying and facing the unseen issues causing problems in your life and business will help you move forward.
Ep. 169 – Which One Is Worth More, Being Right or Being Honest

Michael discusses the difference between being right and being honest and why honesty is foundational for life.
Ep. 168 – Thankfulness Challenge

Michael discusses the importance of gratitude and the “thankfulness challenge” for a happier life.