Ep. 392 – Start Looking At The Money

Financial knowledge is crucial for making better decisions, understanding company performance, and investing in the right areas.
Ep. 391 – The Myth of Being Profesional

True professionalism involves building trust and relationships with clients.
Ep. 390 – It’s All The Same

Strive to be consistent as a person with the same values both publicly and privately.
Ep. 389 – 2 Big Reasons Why We Get Stuck

The challenges of creating something and the tendency for people to convince themselves not to pursue their ideas.
Ep. 388 – The Way You See And Think Is The Way You Act

Conceptualization is key to making better decisions in life.
Ep. 387 – Want to Go Faster? Ship Faster.

By prioritizing speed and quality, businesses can make better decisions and adapt quickly to changing circumstances.
Ep. 386 – Let Go of How You Want To Do It

The importance of submitting to the principles of business to be successful.
Ep. 385 – Don’t Do It For Validation

The challenges of pursuing one’s dreams and vision without support or understanding from others.
Ep. 384 – Enjoy The Ride

Enjoy the moment and find contentment in your personal journey.
Ep. 383 – Focus On Effectiveness, Not Being Right – Part II

In order to be successful in business and life you have to be selfless and focus on providing value to those around you.
Ep. 382 – Focus On Effectiveness Not Being Right

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, shift your mindset towards effectiveness to grow.
Ep. 381 – The Journey of Knowing Me

Having clarity on who you are and your purpose in life is crucial for your company’s success, as it reflects in the company’s as a whole.