Ep. 241 – The Big 3

Finding the three things in your life that will give you the biggest impact for getting where you want to go.
Ep. 240 – Time Management

Manage your time to be allocated to production, building and achieving your greater good.
Ep. 239 – Going First

Being selfless and going first in business to serve people, rather than selfishly protecting oneself.
Ep. 238 – Vetting

The importance of vetting to identify the root cause of problems, and finding solutions in business.
Ep. 237 – Submit To The Way

A lack of willingness to submit to the way things are actually done will stop you from being successful.
Ep. 236 – The Simple Answer Is Often The Best Answer

Simple solutions are often the best, but ego and arrogance can get in the way.
Ep. 235 – Step 1, Who Are You

The importance of finding who you are as a person and building towards that to succeed.
Ep. 234 – There Are No Right Answers

There are no right answers, there are just ways to do things. You get to decide your own vision for success.
Ep. 233 – Risk vs. Opportunity

Observing both opportunities and risks will help you make better decisions in life and business.
Ep. 232 – If You Have The Ability To Do It, You Also Have The Ability To Not Do It

The importance of having a growth mindset and believing in one’s ability to change and make better decisions.
Ep. 231 – Finding Truck B

The importance of finding and fixing the constraints that hold you back from growing in your business.
Ep. 230 – The Maturing Process

Maturity has two sides, finding your purpose in life and building your skills.