Ep. 333 – Self Worth Shouldn’t Equal Pricing

How to avoid undervaluing your work and sabotaging yourself in business.
Ep. 332 – Discipline Comes From Bigger Than Yourself

The importance of having a long-term goal bigger than yourself to strive for.
Ep. 331 – Perseverance

Accept that failure will occur, learn from it to improve and succeed in the future.
Ep. 330 – Time Horizon: Long-Term Focus And Removing Short-Term Thinking

Mapping out goals and visualizing life in years helps remove reactionary thinking and focus on meaningful work.
Ep. 329 – Be You. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Choose to better yourself for you, not to keep others happy or look better for others.
Ep. 328 – Real Meaningful Work

Michael discusses what is real meaningful work and why you should facilitate it as a leader.
Ep. 327 – Making Decisions + Problem Solving

The better you are at processing and observing, the better you’re going to be at making decisions.
Ep. 326 – Why Should I Listen To You?

Active listening is key to improve your personal and professional relationships.
Ep. 325 – If You Don’t Fail Are You Trying?

If you don’t fail, you won’t move forward.
Ep. 324 – Don’t Be Selfish, Just Listen

If you want to serve people around you better, ask questions and listen to them.
Ep. 323 – Leadership For Real People

A great leader cares about the people that have chosen to be part of their journey.
Ep. 322 – It’s Simply Selfishness

Selfishness is the reason most businesses struggle to create good customer experiences.