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Ep. 326 – Why Should I Listen To You?

Active listening is key to improve your personal and professional relationships.
Ep. 324 – Don’t Be Selfish, Just Listen

If you want to serve people around you better, ask questions and listen to them.
Ep. 312 – Unique vs Universal Language

If you are not unified with language, you can’t be unified as a team.
Ep. 217 – The Good, The Bad, and The Difficult

Letting go of preconceived definitions will help you communicate better with everyone around you.
Ep. 212 – Unspoken Expectations

If we don’t clearly state and write down our expectations as partners, team members, and leaders. We are setting ourselves up for failure in all aspects of our relationships.
Ep. 208 – The Art of Saying No

Saying No is one of the most positive and forward momentum creating abilities that we have in our skill set.
Ep. 205 – Simple Does Not Equal…

The way we speak is directly correlated with the way we think, perceive, and conceptualize words.
Ep. 32 – Listening, The Lost Art

The person who listens the least, seems to lose the most, and then is normally left wondering why they lost. And that’s really how life works.
Ep. 21 – Communication

The Internet and Social Media are powerful, why? Communication. Listening is 90% of communication. Without it, there’s no relationship. No Connection.
Ep. 20 – Pizza is not Pizza

Words Matter. There meaning matters. We naturally assume that everyone has the same definition for each word that we do. Pizza is not Pizza.