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Ep. 364 – Pay it Forward First

Paying it forward first, no strings attached, not looking for return. Looking to give and serve.
Ep. 276 – Not Looking = Not Existing

It’s important to have sight in life and business to be able to identify problems and move forward.
Ep. 268 – The Best Outcomes Come From Inspiring Others

The importance of leaders inspiring and facilitating the personal growth and success of their team members.
Ep. 261 – Independence, It’s Not What You Think

Michael discusses the misconceptions of independence in leadership.
Ep. 246 – Leadership Is Predicated On Serving

Leaders serve their teams, making them greater than themselves.
Ep. 243 – Make Them Greater

Having a heart position in leadership, investing in people and making others better than yourself.
Ep. 239 – Going First

Being selfless and going first in business to serve people, rather than selfishly protecting oneself.
Ep. 211 – Don’t Chase Money

Making money your sole purpose and goal in life will lead to customer neglect and affect long-term success.
Ep. 204 – Money Can’t Drive

Making money the dictator of happiness or success will lead to poverty in other areas of life.
Ep. 196 – Will Do, Never Do

Having a list of principles is key to making decisions that aren’t just black and white. Principles are your list of will do’s and never do’s.
Ep. 185 – The Middle Is Prison

Being in the middle means mediocracy and destruction are normal, all the while there’s not significant pain to drive change, so the prison of the middle is hard to break out of.
Ep. 0184 – Saying It But Hoping I Don’t Have To Do It

When we say “yes” to do something but our heart isn’t fully in it, we end up causing division and destruction. Nobody wants a lukewarm cup of coffee.