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Ep. 235 – Step 1, Who Are You

The importance of finding who you are as a person and building towards that to succeed.
Ep. 230 – The Maturing Process

Maturity has two sides, finding your purpose in life and building your skills.
Ep. 223 – Ship Fast, Fail Faster

The better we are at failure, the better we will be at growing and moving forward in life.
Ep. 213 – The Man Behind The Closed Doors

The true test of character often occurs behind closed doors when nobody is looking.
Ep. 206 – Building Out The Finishing Line

The importance of defining the finish line when you set out to accomplish something in life.
Ep. 200 – Reflection

The importance of reflecting on the actions, events and decisions you’ve made in your life to learn and grow from them.
Ep. 197 – More Important Than Courage

Many people have courage to start something new or difficult, but not many people have the patience to stack small wins every day and grow into the person they know they’re meant to be. 
Ep. 195 – Questions Are Better Than Answers

You can learn and grow more by asking better questions rather than just knowing the right answers. If you are curious, and you’re constantly asking questions, the more you’re going to improve, and the more that you’re going to change.
Ep. 190 – Future Me

New year’s resolutions are fake because change is not based on a deep internal decision. We each get to be the people we want to be, and we’re all in charge of our personal choice to get there. 
Ep. 180 – Think, Try, Fail, Learn, Grow, Repeat

To break cycles and move forward in life, we have to go through the following steps: Think – aka plan Try – aka do something Fail – aka fall short Learn – aka gain understanding Grow – aka improve We only move as fast as we fail.
Ep. 25 – Adaptation

Change requires us to be wrong. Adaptors are more successful in life and business. Knowing the wrong answer is worth just as much as the right answer.
Ep. 19 – Choas v. Order: The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

All life goes from order to chaos. It decays. The moment we pause creation and forward movement is the moment that entropy has begun to take over.