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Ep. 350 – Knowing Me

If you are unsure of yourself, you are also going to be unsure of your purpose and vision in life.
Ep. 346 – Reflection vs. Justification

Reflecting on past events to learn and grow, rather than justifying actions.
Ep. 338 – Self-Reflection Practices: How to Assess Your Own Journey

Ask yourself what’s the reason behind your actions to learn and grow as a person.
Ep. 337 – Cultivating Gratitude: Focusing On What You Have vs. What You Don’t

Focus on what you have and use it to your advantage.
Ep. 336 – Breaking Free from Comparison: Becoming You

Focusing on being the best version of oneself rather than competing with others.
Ep. 329 – Be You. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Choose to better yourself for you, not to keep others happy or look better for others.
Ep. 297 – 2 Ways To Aquire Skills

Acquiring skills through partnership or personal effort.
Ep. 294 – The Best Investment

Having a mindset of finding where you’re wrong and growing in those areas to become a better version of yourself.
Ep. 286 – The Two Sides Of Self Improvement

Self improvement without self acceptance can turn into self-destructive criticism.
Ep. 281 – The Best Part of Me Is Also The Worst Part Of Me

It’s important to know who you are, and how you affect other people to lead effectively.
Ep. 277 – Measuring You

Measuring oneself objectively to know where we are in our journey of life and business.
Ep. 273 – Will You Believe In You

Believing and investing in yourself is key to success.