Ep. 359 – It’s Harder To Build The Directions Than The Lego

Building infrastructure and processes to facilitate agency among team members.
Ep. 352 – Work Ethic Mindset: Celebrating The Discipline

Valuing the work and discipline throughout the journey is more important than just celebrating the outcome.
Ep. 341 – Shipping Does Not Mean…

Shipping doesn’t mean haphazard delivery, there should be thoughtful planning behind delivery.
Ep. 316 – The Idea Jar

Focus on the present, allow your work to become self-sustained before moving on to the next step.
Ep. 308 – Building Out The Plan To Get Out

Have a plan for how to get out of doing the work that you don’t want to do.
Ep. 271 – If I’m The Solution Then They Are The Problem

Viewing oneself as a solution and a lack of clear processes can lead to a toxic work culture.
Ep. 269 – Where Do You Apply Leverage

Leaders must learn how to prioritize and allocate resources to address urgent issues while also working on long-term improvements.
Ep. 264 – Healthy Teams…

Michael discusses what it means to have a healthy team.
Ep. 260 – Keep It Clean

Chaos hinders creativity and productivity, but organization and cleanliness can improve work efficiency and move a company forward.
Ep. 258 – Three Types of Outcomes – Addition | Multiplication | Exponential

Michael discusses the limitations of the 3 outcomes of work: addition, multiplication, and exponential.
Ep. 194 – Buying Yourself Work

In life, it’s important to measure the cost required to move forward in any direction. Our decisions to agree to fulfill a course of action require an exchange of time and work from us.  We actually pay money to buy work for ourselves. 
Ep. 193 – Three Ways To Think And Act

The three approaches to work are entrepreneurial, managerial and technical. It’s important in life and business to know which mindset and actions you’re currently taking and which ones you currently need.