Ep. 229 – Art Is Beautiful Because Of The Rules

The importance of balancing between structure and chaos to move forward as a business.
Ep. 228 – Defining Greater Good

Knowing what your greater good in life and business is will help you find like minded people that value what you do.
Ep. 227 – The Bigger It Is The Harder It Is To See

A lot of things tend to fail when we don’t have a clear vision of what we’re building.
Ep. 226 – Tactics + Production

Having a clear vision of the outcome that you want and working your way backwards is the best tactic for success.
Ep. 225 – No Outs

Setting small goals and achieving them builds confidence and sets the stage for future success in your life.
Ep. 224 – What You Think Matters

You have to deeply believe in yourself and what you think to be successful in life.
Ep. 223 – Ship Fast, Fail Faster

The better we are at failure, the better we will be at growing and moving forward in life.
Ep. 222 – Building

Michael discusses what the term ‘building’ means to him and its importance in his life and business.
Ep. 221 – Time Is Money, But How Much Money

Focus only on the work that needs to be done and then ask yourself how much you are losing by not doing it.
Ep. 220 – Build Out The Starting Line

The importance of defining your current position in business to be able to build out the next steps and move forward.
Ep. 219 – Vision Three Perspectives

Vision is broken down into large, medium, and small perspectives. You need to know what vision perspective you’re operating in to be efficient in anything.
Ep. 218 – Right Answer + Wrong Time = Wrong Answer

Timing is key. Mistiming steps and actions in your business will eventually induce failure.