Ep. 352 – Work Ethic Mindset: Celebrating The Discipline

Valuing the work and discipline throughout the journey is more important than just celebrating the outcome.
Ep. 351 – Give It Away

True giving is a win-win scenario where both parties benefit and individuals move forward in their lives.
Ep. 350 – Knowing Me

If you are unsure of yourself, you are also going to be unsure of your purpose and vision in life.
Ep. 349 – Language Creates Speed

Language plays a crucial role in shaping culture, creating speed, and promoting healthy relationships within a team.
Ep. 348 – The Flow

The importance of finding what are the constraints within your company that can hinder team workflow and overall performance.
Ep. 347 – Be a Guide, Not a Savior

Leaders focus on guiding rather than fixing, resulting in healthier relationships and more productive outcomes.
Ep. 346 – Reflection vs. Justification

Reflecting on past events to learn and grow, rather than justifying actions.
Ep. 345 – People Focused: Coming Over To Their Side

The importance of understanding the other party’s perspectives and needs in negotiations and business interactions.
Ep. 344 – Make It Practical

The importance of having a clear vision and long-term goals for a business—breaking them down into manageable parts and effectively communicating them to the team.
Ep. 343 – Order Makes It Usable

Order and structure are crucial for productivity and a successful business.
Ep. 342 – When You Don’t Want To Do It, How Do You Do It?

Building momentum by breaking down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps.
Ep. 341 – Shipping Does Not Mean…

Shipping doesn’t mean haphazard delivery, there should be thoughtful planning behind delivery.