Ep. 71 – Smoking! Short Term vs Long Term Thinking

Short term thinking can be detrimental, you got to think long term in order to move forward into the future.
Ep. 70 – Greed and Hyper Corrosion

Greed corrodes our ability to make decisions in business that produce positive results in our life and our family’s life.
EP. 69 – The Speed of Life is Slow

Our perception of time moving fast and being driven by FOMO is destructive. Getting into rhythm with Life incrementally is the goal and it will pay off in the long run.
Ep. 68 – The Art of Losing

The importance of learning how to lose and not run away from risks, simply because we’re afraid of the pain of losing.
Ep. 67 – True to Yourself

Don’t mask who you truly are and what you believe in for anybody. Be true to who you are and you’ll be able to serve people from that position.
Ep. 66 – Desired Difficulty

How our tendency to avoid pain or shy away from things that we’re uncomfortable with prevents us from seeking out new challenges to improve ourselves.
Ep. 65 – Why Are Principles Important

Life is like water. Constantly flowing and changing within a set of laws and principles. Principles reflect your character, actions, and heart.
Ep. 64 – The Key To Self-Improvement

Michael discusses the 3 core principles for self improvement and growing in life.
Ep. 63 – Systemic Thinking vs Singular Event Thinking

There’s no such thing as an isolated event. The importance of acknowledging how every decision we make ripples out into our life and the lives of those around us.
Ep. 62 – Enjoy the Journey

How skipping and not enjoying the process in life can void the end results for you.
Ep. 61 – Ownership

Why we avoid responsibility of the problems in our life and how changing that behavior can make you succeed.
Ep. 60 – Creating vs Competing

The importance of building yourself without following someone else’s path and ultimately falling behind them.