Ep. 8 – AI – The Shift Part II


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Hey what’s up everybody? Welcome to The a.m., I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. Welcome to 5 Minute Rants. Just something for you to listen to real quickly, or maybe on repeat, depending on what you need to do. Really provide food for thought and help you on your journey in business in life, build and create.

So last episode, we talked about what I call the shift. We talked about AI, we talked about the importance of creativity and ideation, how things are going to change, we left off with something very important, you are either going to be forced to change, or you can change of your own decision and freewill.

The first one is way more important. I mean, excuse me, the last one changing of your own decisions you decide to change on your own is way, way more powerful and way more important than when you’re forced to, right. So for a lot of the people that like let’s go back to social. Social took over there when there a lot of deniers of it. And then businesses were either forced to adopt and change and change the way they branded themselves change the way they interact with people via social and really flourish, or they experienced decay. And so the same thing I think is going to happen with AI.

It’s not something to be afraid of. And I’m not saying there can’t be bad consequences. I’m not saying we can’t have a whole Terminator effect. We totally could. We could totally have Skynet. Real legit. No, no kidding. All right, we were humans, we’ve done a lot of dumb things. We’ve also done a lot of really smart things, okay.

But at the same time, I want to talk about that shift because it’s going to happen whether we want to or not. And so I encourage everybody to be in that mindset of change, be in that mindset of improvement being that mindset of growth, a lot of the things that we talked about.

So going back to recover, not recover, but to re cover like go over again. The shift that is here, that AI is taking away technical work, it’s taking away technical work primarily right now in the digital realm.

The copywriting, copywriting is radically changing. Copywriters, if you’re a freelancer, this is right now you take advantage of it. If you are, if you’re a copywriting company, this is what you should be taking advantage of. If you are a freelancer, that’s what you should be taking advantage of. Right?

Digital Art graphic design is coming next, there’s already AI out there for creating websites. And that’s coming. You know, coding is coming, a lot of the things in the digital realm are going to come first. And here’s how things work. Whatever is closest to the change, whatever is touching the change.

So if you think about AI, where’s it found, its found in computers. So all the things that AI touches in the computers are what are going to change first, the things that are farther removed from the computers and farther removed from that internalization of the computer’s, the longer it’s going to take AI to change. And so for everybody in the digital realm, everybody in that computer realm this is coming and, it is happening at a rapid pace, right? AI can learn faster than us. And that’s really what this is, is machine learning. There’s no morals, there’s no emotion. It’s just learning, learning the best way to do whatever it’s doing, predicated on what the designers designed it to learn and how to learn.

Okay, there’s no morals to AI, I think that’s really important. There’s no emotions to AI, if anybody’s ever interacted with chat, GPT it’s like I’m talking to a person or even Siri, there’s some personification. It’s not a person, there’s no morals or emotions.

The thing that I’m trying to say right now, though, is this, with this shift that we are currently in, we are on the front of it, and it is about to explode, right like a wave cresting. It is so important to be in that mindset to change, to adapt. And to really start moving forward in a new way, we’ve got to let go, we got to let go the old ways we used to do things, the old ways of let me sit down and try to think of how to write this blog post. That’s going to go away. Because AI is thinking about how to write the blog post, where the effort and energy now goes, is to the ideation, in the thought, in the vision. AI is not creating that thought or vision yet for the blog posts, they aren’t creating the vision, they’re not creating the ideation from a higher level. And that’s where the work is going. The work is going to a higher level because AI is taking away the technical work.

If you haven’t, you need to listen to the different types of work, how to find your work, and there’s three types, right, and AI is taking away the bottom one, which is technical, the actual execution of the vision and thought. And so as we move into this and as things begin exploding and moving forward, it’s going to be really, really important to really have that heart position in that mindset to change. Okay. So, that being said, I will catch you guys next time. I hope you have a great day. Hope y’all stay blessed peace!

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