Ep. 19 – Choas v. Order: The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics


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What’s up everybody? Welcome back to 5 Minute Rants. Welcome back to THE a.m. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. and today we’re actually going to continue on in that law of thermodynamics, if I can pronounce that correctly?

Right, we talked about the first law of thermodynamics last week is where you’re going to invest your energy. Right? We’re gonna talk about the second law, okay. and the second law pretty much states this, that everything goes from order to disorder, everything goes from organized to chaos in the entire universe. All right? It says that the state of entropy of the entire universe as an isolated system will always increase over time. In other words, everything gets more chaotic and chaotic.

Thinking about your grass, right? You mow it on the weekends, it looks beautiful. For you, ladies, you get your nails done, right? For you guys. It’s that grass outside your front lawn, I don’t know, maybe you don’t care about that stuff. But the point is, guess what you got to do every week, cut the grass during the summertime, why? It goes from order to disorder. That’s everything in our lives. And so it seems to be, when we are not constantly battling and growing, and pressing against that chaos, right? That’s where all the energy in our lives then goes to, is chaos. Okay? If I’m not creating order, if I’m not investing my energy, and last time, we talked about how energy is just transferred, it’s never created nor destroyed. It’s just transferred.

And so when we talked, last episode, we talked about how you invest your energy and it comes back to you. So if I invest my energy into creating order, it’s going to come back to me in order, how things need to be right? In business, in life with relationships, okay? If I invest my energy into respecting people to talking about them actually understanding where they come from, right, really listening and discovering who they are, and understanding them, that’s going to come back to me in that same way. But if I don’t, if I just let whatever drive my life, well, then all my energy goes to being whatever. And as a result, I become whatever, because a man that does whatever becomes whatever.

So that chaos from the second law of thermodynamics applies to everything that we do, it applies to everything we do in business, right? That’s why if a business isn’t growing, it’s dying. If his business isn’t innovating, and continuing to change, and continuing to grow and improve, it’s dying. It’s the same way with a tree. The moment a tree stops growing, and moving forward in its life, and in its growth, it’s dead. And that’s where we’re at. And so I really think that this is huge, because we don’t think about this a lot, right? If I don’t maintain my car, what’s going to happen, it’s going to go to chaos. If I don’t maintain my body, what is going to happen, I’m probably not going to live as long, I’m not going to have as long of a life, I’m not going to be healthy, my relationship with my wife will probably start to degrade because here’s the thing, once you do it in one area, it’s very easy for it to spill out in the other areas.

Now here’s the flipside, here’s the great thing about that is it’s the same way with order. You start putting in one area of order in your life, and the truth starts being there to where everything starts coming in alignment with that, and the work that follows that and the follow through, that trickles down into every area of your life. It really does and moves into every area. and so it goes from one area to another, just like chaos. and these are where the two laws really come in. Because I really believe investing our energy into battling chaos, and creating the order in our lives that we want is what is so important. It’s where our time, effort and energy really should be. And then when you are in that order place, then instead of just creating things and building and Just pushing hardcore against chaos, then you have maintenance, to be able to maintain where small changes make bigger impacts, and things get smaller, in terms of battling the chaos in the company, to stop that, to have everything processed to have the culture there. But it takes Just one area and everything begins to trickle and change the same way. So when you change one area, it bleeds over to other area’s in your life. The same thing with chaos.

A good friend of mine told me that bad employees only make the good employees leave and only corrupt good employees where everybody becomes a bad employee. And it’s like, wow, toxicity is so contagious. It’s the same thing with order. Orders really contagious. Really fighting that chaos is very contagious. People want that, we want that. It’s nice to be able to pull up to Chick fil A, and it’s nice to go through their process where it’s orderly, right versus bad service. If you think about food, that’s what we all want. We want it to be be orderly.

So anyways, I’ve got to go because we’re out of time guys. I will catch you on the flip side thanks for tuning in peace!

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