Ep. 224 – What You Think Matters


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Hey what’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys. Welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Well, guys, today, I want to talk about What you think matters.

And I really want to talk about this. Because over the years, as I’ve worked with a lot of people, I have found that a lot of people really like deep in our hearts, we want to be unique. But we also at the same time desperately try to fit in with the people around us. Right? There’s this whole point to our lives, that is not whole point. But there’s this whole aspect of our lives that desperately wants to fit in, but at the same time want to be unique. And so I think, looking at this, it’s like, wow, there’s really a juxtaposition there. Right, I want to fit in, but at the same time, I want to be special. And it really, in my opinion, comes back to wow, have I chosen to love myself and find that I’m valuable? And have I chosen to believe that What I think matters.

And now I’m bringing this up specifically, because in a lot of the workshops that we’ve done in a lot of the frameworks that we’ve operated in different things, and even in, you know, our internal team meetings and working with customers and clients, we have actually, I’ve actually seen a lot of people really look down on their thinking or look down on the products or What they’re producing not now, I’m not saying there are people who believe this, I’m also not saying there aren’t people who are arrogant on the other side of this, right? There are.

But I think it’s very important, if you’re not on either of those sides to really realize that What you think is important, and that the way you think about things is important because in business and in building things, there are no right answers, okay? Yes, there are principles, there are frameworks. And there are some universal roadmaps that do work, right? When somebody has figured out something in business about how it works. For instance, whether it’s advertising, whether it’s offering creation, or whatever it is, it works cool, you can take that framework and copy it. But What happens is we often belittle ourselves, and really downplay ourselves for who we actually are, and our thought processes, What we think, how we view the world and how we do these things. And I’m not talking about in the narcissistic manner, I’m talking about really just in a way that is best for me to love myself.

And it’s like Andrew, and I’ve talked a lot about this, it, it’s like arguing what’s better, a giraffe or an elephant, right? Or giraffe and zebra? Well, they’re, they’re three different types of animals. They’re all unique. And they all have different skill sets in different areas. And they all have different personalities. And the reason why I’m saying this, and the reason why I’m saying What you think matters, is because you need to know who you are, you need to know that you are valuable, and that you’re smart, you need to believe in yourself. And then that is actually how you’re going to be successful in life, no matter What you’re doing, whether it’s building a business, whether it’s the career you want, whether it’s working in your family, and in your life, to build the life you want. You really have to deeply believe in yourself and believe in What you think.

Now, part of that is is as you go through life, you got to vet What you’re thinking and find where things break, right. So I give an example of language that the way I used to think about language that easy was good and bad was hard. Right? I mean, hard was bad. Easy was good and hard was bad. I used to think that it’s like that’s not true. It’s simply easy as an adjective to describe something. The connotation of bad or good doesn’t come with easy neither it is hard. And so it’s important to see how we think and where it breaks fails, and where it falters. But at the same time, if you don’t believe that What you think matters. You’re not going to do the most important work in your life. The most important work in your life is thinking. It’s planning, its vetting, its questioning, its curiosity. And all of these things come from your mind. All these things come from your thought processes.

There’s a Proverbs that says As a man thinks, so is he. And it’s so important to understand that What you think and how you see the world is very valuable, right? Everybody has a different perspective. Everybody’s going to go through things and interpret things differently. And that’s okay. Not one person has the right answer. Not one person knows the exact answer in life and in business, especially when you’re building something because honestly, you can build whatever you want. And so, again, just a note, I said this multiple times, but I just think this is a very important part. Do not underrate yourself or undervalue yourself in What you think. However, you’ve got to have the humility to be wrong when it counts when it matters, which is every day.

So guys, I’m out of time. I hope this helped, and I’ll catch you later peace

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