Ep. 230 – The Maturing Process


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Hey what’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys. Welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Well, guys, real quick, would you partner with me to help change lives? If you know somebody that would benefit from listen to the show? Would you share it with them? I appreciate it guys. Well, I want to talk about today, how we mature as people.

I think it’s very important, it’s very important to know how you grow, it is very important to understand how you change, one of the most important things to know in life is actually yourself. If you don’t know yourself, and you don’t know who you are, it is so hard to accomplish anything. And it is so hard to actually move forward in life and learn. If you don’t know how you learn, if you don’t know your strengths and weaknesses, if you don’t observe yourself, it makes it extra difficult to do anything in life because you have this big unknown. If I don’t know the tools in my tool chest, I don’t know What kind of problems I can actually fix and solve at home, or What problems that I need to call a contractor. And if I don’t know my skill level, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to actually fix my leaky pipe or not. But it’s like, who knows, well, maybe I can’t, maybe I can’t. And I’ve got to go through this whole exploration process of who I am. And where’s my skill level and limits at. And that kind of brings me a little bit to What I want to talk about is the maturing process, it’s so important to know how we mature as people.

So most of the time, when we think of maturity, we think of Oh, it’s just mental maturity, or emotional maturity, or maturity is this ethereal thing to where people grow up, and they become a little more serious. And that’s actually not What it is maturing, is really developing in life, to find and have a purpose in life, right. So we watch his kids do this, they will grow up from being Hey, my purpose in life is to have fun. And to be a kid and not worry about anything, to now, oh, it’s changing to where I have to be a man. And I have to go out and go to work, I have to make these decisions. Here’s the opportunities. Now What do I want to build and create with my life. And it’s interesting, because the people who seem to have more purpose in their life and who are more purpose focus, we associate with being more mature. And I think that’s true.

The other side to maturity is it’s not just mentally or emotionally, or as a person, with our identity and who we are, and things like that. It is also according like To our knowledge, wisdom, it’s our skill sets. And so maturing includes all these other facets that have to follow me along in life, my skills must mature as I mature. And if they do not mature as I mature, in other areas, I’m actually immature or I begin to break.

And so let me give you an example of this. I’m two years old, I’m not allowed to touch the stove, because of course I’m two a stove can be dangerous, I can really hurt myself and burn myself, right? Well, now I’m 27 years old. And I have matured as a person. I’ve gotten a job, I’ve graduated from college, I’ve done all this stuff and have all these accomplishments. But I’m not allowed to touch the stove. And I and I can’t cook, I can’t, I can’t feed myself, I can only use microwaves, I’m buying microwave dinner, my health is affected. And then you start seeing my life break because my skill sets and my responsibility did not mature with me. My response like my that area of responsibility in my life to acquire skill set, to be safe to actually navigate things that could be potentially harmful or dangerous did not mature with me. And now my whole life begins to break and fall apart.

And oftentimes when we have a breakdown in life, or when we’re having problems in life, it’s actually a maturing problem. We did not mature in this area in our life the way that we should. We did not mature emotionally the way we should or our skill set is not mature enough. That’s essentially What jobs are asking for. On your job application. Do you have skill sets that have just grown from wants and desires? Like I want to do this? I want to be good at this. I would like to program computers or I’d like to be a lawyer, to did you invest the time and energy to mature it and grow it? And now is it an actual mature skill set that can be applied in the area of business that it needs to be applied in?

And yes, there’s a whole other side where corporations don’t know What they’re doing. And they can be jerks, which is true and cold and heartless but What we’re talking about is examining our own personal lives to find the areas that need to really change To improve and mature and then just go through and be like, oh, I need to grow this side of my life versus why just need to change just get better. That’s not a good way to think about this. I’m trying to break stuff like this down to make it more practical for us. I personally like more practical things.

Well anyways, I’m way over. So I’ll catch you later. Peace

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