Ep. 232 – If You Have The Ability To Do It, You Also Have The Ability To Not Do It


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Hey what’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys, welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. guys real quick, would you partner with me to help spread the word and change lives? If there’s somebody that you know, that would benefit from listening to the show? Would you share it with them? And if not, Would you guys mind rating and leaving a review for the show? I appreciate it and appreciate the partnership.

Well, guys, today, I want to talk about the ‘I can’ mentality and mindset, I’ve talked about how this is a deep belief of mine that I can, I can do anything I want in life, doesn’t mean I should do it. But I can do anything that I want in life. And something that has come out of that along the way and along the journey is that if I have the ability to do something, that automatically means I have the ability not to do it as well. And the reason why this is so important, is because it comes back to a deep belief that I can change, I can make better decisions, I can be a different man than who I am. And a deep belief in that if this is not the person that I want to be. And I’ve had the ability to become this person, because I am the person who made me who I am today, that my decisions, my actions, that’s What made me I’m a cultivation of those things. It also means that I’m able to change. And so I’m going to say it again, if you have the ability to do something, you also have the ability to not do it. And this is really a changed mindset and a growth mindset. And again, it comes back to that deep belief of I can I can do whatever I want to do.

I can do whatever I want to do you look at it. Like I’m looking at Elon Musk, I think probably as a young kid, he had thoughts of I want to go to space someday. And now look at where he’s at. Okay, now, are you Elon Musk? No, you’re you. And are you better than Elon Musk? Or worse? Nope. That’s like arguing which animals better giraffe, zebra, or elephant, pick your favorite. And then let’s argue, right? There’s no point, there’s no universal standard of measurement. However, you do have the ability to do whatever you want to do, and What you like to do.

And so I’m saying this because it’s really a mindset of doing versus not doing because oftentimes, we go into victimhood and we get into victimology towards, like, Oh, I’m hungry, I don’t know how to tell my body not to eat. Well, the same energy in the same decision making process for the same abilities you used to eat the donut are the same ones you use to not eat the doughnut, okay? Now, it doesn’t mean that it feels great when you’re not eating the doughnut when you’re addicted to sugar. And I’ve been addicted to sugar I’ve been addicted to bread and milk and other things. When you’re addicted. It sucks. That’s okay. But just feeling like it sucks. And the feeling of it being hard doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability to not do it.

See, most of us equate Oh, it’s hard. I can’t do it. Harder means I can’t do it hard means I have a lack of ability. Hard means I have a lack of authority to change this area in my life. And that’s not true. Hard, just means this. It’s hard. It doesn’t feel good. That’s all it means. Hard and your feelings are very much. Not not hard. But your feelings are very much just like your nervous system of your body. Hot and cold aren’t bad. They’re great times when you want cold things. Oh, this drink is cold. It feels great. Oh, the air conditioning feels cold. It’s great. And then there are times when cold. Really like feels horrible. Oh, the pools freezing cold and it’s wintertime, I don’t want to get in, or Oh, it’s cold. I want to put a jacket on. Same thing with hot, right? That’s your nervous system. You know, being able to touch being able to feel that’s how your emotions work. They’re like an emotional nervous system. Right? And they’re there. There’s uses for them. But oftentimes we equate them as fact. And emotions aren’t always fact.

They are not they may, they may actually line up with facts. They may line up. And they may confirm facts, but they’re not always facts. Like we often replace the word hard with I can’t hard means I can’t. And that’s really not true. And that actually comes from a quitting place and quitting mentality. Because What that really does when I get into that place personally, when I get into the place of oh, it’s hard and I can’t do this. It’s like Oh yeah, that comes from I want to quit, I actually don’t want to do What I’m about to do. Cool. Well, I get to decide who I am and who I want to be if I want to be a quitter, or do I want to be an overcomer and it’s like those are my decisions and that’s what’s in front of me. So the ability I have to not do it also means I have the ability to do it. And the ability I have to do it also means I have the ability not to do it. And so now it’s up to me, What am I going to do? And that’s really the bigger question. What are you going to do with this? Now that you can What are you going to do with it?

Well, I’m out of time guys. So I’ll catch you later. Peace.

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