Ep. 281 – The Best Part of Me Is Also The Worst Part Of Me


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Episode Transcript

What’s up? What’s up? What’s up everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys, welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. Welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Hey guys, real quick, if you wouldn’t mind leaving a review, or rating for the show, and just help us change lives, partner with me in that way, I appreciate it.

So real quick, I want to talk about something that I think is really important. And it is this, the best part of me is also the worst part of me. And I’m gonna explain What that means. But I think it’s so important to know who you are, and to know yourself. And then I also think it’s important to know, to know how you affect other people. And to really be able to see yourself, it’s important to look in the mirror every day, it really is. And it’s just important to look in the mirror, you know, metaphorically speaking, I’m air quoting right now, y’all can’t see it, to really see yourself and who you are. And so let me give you an example of What I mean, the best part of me, I would say is that I’m very vision and goal oriented, and I have a high drive towards those things, right to really run towards the goal to really run towards and craft and move forward and create momentum, to get us to the vision to get us to the finish line to accomplish the things that we’ve set out to accomplish.

However, that’s also the worst part of me, I have selfishly run towards the vision and goals at the cost of relationships, at the cost of other people getting hurt along the way. Because I am not stopping. I’m not stopping to think about where they’re at, because not everybody’s built like me, not everybody. And so consequences that I did not intend to that I did not think through and would intend to happen or like oh man, like I’m pushing and pulling people along the way, the team different ways. And as a result, it’s straining our relationship, or it’s straining different things within the company, or its training these things. And so as a result, relationships are getting hurt, okay? Or one of the other things is if I don’t see the purpose behind doing something, I don’t want to do it. If there’s not a goal, I find myself demotivated. And I find myself very objectively thinking about whatever needs to be done, if there’s not a purpose behind it.

And so What I’m saying is, my strength is also my biggest weakness, you could say, it’s the best part of me. And the worst part of me, and this goes along with the gifts that I have. This goes along with all my strengths, and I can walk down this road to understand who I am. And then I can look at both the positive and negative consequences of each area of my life. And again, this is important, because the most important person to know about is me, I got to know who I am, I got to know What I love and who I want to be in What I want to be. Because the only person that I can really change in my life, and I can impact others. And I can facilitate change. But if somebody changes, that’s their decision that’s outside of my control. And I can facilitate opportunities for people to change. So the only person that’s left that I can change in my life is me. And if that’s been the case, I need to know who I am.

Especially if I’m leading the team, especially as I’m driving business, especially as I’m more in the vision role within the company, in the partnership with Andrew, it is so important for me to know who I am. And if I know who I am, I’m going to naturally and intrinsically begin learning who other people are as well. And so the unintended consequences, like, like I said, for my drive, I’ve been through emotional strain on relationships, and different things like that, because I want to continue to move forward, efficiency matters. Let’s go through this boom, boom, boom, right? And I go through a lot of things. And then also, another unintended consequence would be that I lacked celebration. I’m like, awesome, this is done. Next, let’s move on to the next thing. And I don’t pause and celebrate the achievement, I don’t pause and celebrate the accomplishment of What the team just accomplished or What we did.

And knowing that it’s like, awesome, let me stop. Let me stop and reassess What I’m doing, let me stop and reassess myself and then realize, celebrating others and celebrating the accomplishment that teamwork is so important. And if my goal is to move forward faster, why would I not do those things? Why would I not stop and celebrate. And then people do feel a part people do feel that they matter. And there’s value in their work, there’s value in What they’re doing. There’s value in their participation, there’s value in their production, and we’re celebrating all those things. And then we’re celebrating all of their input into those things. And then as a result, they are more apart and bought into the vision in the long term running.

The other thing is, when is life really ever done? Improvement never stops. It’s really continual. And so if I’m just only after the goal, I’ll miss celebrating the journey and I’ll miss celebrating The discipline along the way. Anyways, just food for thought just for you guys to think about yourselves. This is me, and I’ll catch you later peace

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