Ep. 289 – Emotional Decision Making


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What’s up? What’s up? What’s up everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys. Welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Hey guys real quick if you know somebody whose life would be changed by listening to the show, would you partner with me and changing lives and share it with them? Appreciate it.

Well, guys, last time I talked about decisions and how it’s really, there’s really two main parts of decisions. At the end of the episode, I started really talking about emotions. And I really want to talk about that more to help really define decisions and help help us make better decisions. Because when we’re making decisions out of emotion, I said this last time that emotions are often used to make decisions by people. And then emotions are really void of logic and beliefs when you’re processing emotions, right. And if you want to think of it this way, emotions are your internal nervous system for dealing with experiential knowledge on the outside, okay, so emotions are just a nervous system, they like having, you know, pain, and having happiness is the same as experiencing hot and cold, they’re real, they’re very valid, and you experience these things. However, emotions are not a good way to make decisions.

If I just made decisions off of What my hands felt, if there is no logical processing. And if there wasn’t an ability of mine, or a step of mine in there to actually process the data that was being fed to me from my nervous systems about What was happening. At that point, I’m making very short term, reactionary decisions. And one of the reasons why we make short term decisions is because we’re becoming emotionally reactive to whatever the situation is. Right? I Heard Warren Buffett talk about he said, If you want to tell somebody to take a hike, right? Wait till tomorrow and see if you feel if you still feel the same way, if you do, it’s probably something you should take action on. But What he’s talking about is delaying the immediate, emotional reaction in the moment, to really just go tell somebody off, and then do do something that will most likely either damage a relationship or damage your character along the way, because it is short term, reactionary.

See Decisions, decisions. I’ve talked about this before, multifaceted. So life is multifaceted. And it’s not just when you’re designing something, you’ve got to think about at least three or four other things, it’s going to affect, right positively or negatively, and not affect at all, so neutrally. And you have to at least think in some aspects outside of your current emotional state. If you’re in a very high stress, high, intense situation, you’ve got to step outside your current shoes. And you’ve got to be able to walk through logically and process logically What needs to happen in order to achieve the result you want. And so for instance, if you think about like this, you stick your hand under very hot water, and it hurts, right? Your immediate reaction is, I want the pain to stop, I don’t want to be burned, I don’t want to hurt myself. So it’s very easy to just pull your hand out of the water, either before you get burned or to minimize burning, right? Well, in high tense, emotional situations that are painful. It’s not that simple. It’s not just the simple result of let me withdraw myself, oftentimes, it’s normally more complex than that.

And so the ability to process to understand What you want, and then understand the steps needed to take in order to ensure you get What you want, or order to ensure that you move forward towards your end goal. That is so important. And it’s really important to develop this as a skill set. And the ability to process I’ve said this before in the last episode, but the ability to process and the ability to make decisions is one of your most valuable assets. As a person who lives on this earth. It doesn’t matter where you are, What you’re doing. Every individual person should be, like deeply skilled in making decisions. Think about how often you make life changing decisions. Whether you think about it or not, every time you decide to put a certain food in your body, you’re making life altering decisions, life altering decisions to be healthy, to increase lifespan or not to, every time you’re choosing to learn about something or do things it has a lot of life altering implications in the long term.

And it’s so important to be able to grasp the long term goals process and then make the day to day decisions necessary to get you where you want to be in life is simple. It’s not as complicated as you think. And once you begin processing how stuff works and how to make decisions life really boils down to be much more simpler than most people take it out to be. And so existential dread a lot of the other problems and stress and anxiety that comes with thinking and making major life changing decisions. They tend to disappear the more you take ownership and process.

Anyways guys, I’m out of time so I’ll catch you later. Peace

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