Ep. 297 – 2 Ways To Aquire Skills


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What’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys, welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Hey guys real quick, if you know somebody who’s looking to start a business, or who wants to better their professional career, or just better their life in general, would you partner with me and changing lives and share the show with them? I appreciate it.

Well, I want to talk about skill sets. And I want to really talk about the two ways to acquire skill. So here is something that radically changed years later in business for me. And I used to think that the only way to actually gain different skill sets was through personal acquisition. And that means, let me define that I’m actually going out, I’m getting the skill set, oh, I need to learn Spanish. And so or the company needs us to be able to speak Spanish, so I’ve got to go learn it, or this needs to happen in my life. So I’ve got to go find that skill set. And either you are on one side or the other. Either, you’re a type of person who acquire skill sets outside of yourself. And I’ll explain that in a moment. It’s called partnership, or you’re going to be a person who just only focuses on acquiring the skill set themselves personally.

And I was on the personal side, I was on the Okay, cool, I can do anything. And if I could do anything, then I’ll be the solution to What I need to be. And that was great for a lot of things. It also hurt Andrew and I, and a lot of things when we started the company. And the reason why is this because if you’re going to lead a team, if you’re going to build a company or start a business, one of your primary objectives is to acquire skills through partnership. So the only two ways you can acquire skills are through partnership, you partner with somebody who has the skill you need, or you personally acquire it. Now, if you’re leading a business, or if you’re trying to build a business, or if you’re leading a team, your focus for your personal acquisition of skills should be on how to partner with people better, you should be acquiring skill sets that allow you to find skill sets with people, and through other people to be able to build and produce What needs to be produced in life.

And now there are certain times where it’s like, cool, you got to do stuff, because if you’re starting out, you might not have all the money in the world. And you might not have every ounce in every penny that you need to get started. And let me tell you this, like if you’re thinking about starting something, and then you’re one of your main goals is to go out and get investors just be careful, because the moment you start to allow other people to invest, you are now tied to them. And they are out for to collect on their money. Hence the word investment if you invested in somebody you would want to return to. So now you have different pressure coming at you from different places.

And so that’s just an aside, but going back to the skill set, like if you’re really leading and guiding people, and your job is more visionary, your job is more goal oriented, crafting the goals and then helping overcome problems and things like that in a different way with the team. Then you want to focus on skill sets like negotiation, right communication, networking, right vision, creation, how to create goals, how to measure those sorts of things, all of that all your skill sets around how to supplement the team or the company, and how to help the company find better skill sets, or how to create processes that eliminate skill sets, right?

If you think about What McDonald’s has done, or even if you want to look at Chick fil A and all the processes, their processes have eliminated certain skill sets, to open up the barrier of entry. So instead of needing a chef to cook everything, and instead of needing this amazing person to craft a menu, all this stuff, everything’s been done in redone to remove certain skill sets. And that should be part of your focus. If you’re going to have a company, yes, you may have to do the technical work for a while you may be going out on to customer sites, you may be actually answering the phones, doing sales and all these things. But your ultimate goal should be to step away from those things to no longer be the means of production where 90% of your time is spent on the business, not in it. And it’s so important because if it’s just important because you are creating and building the vision, and then you’re utilizing the team to create and build the vision

if you’re stuck in the business, if you’re the main constraint because you have all the skill sets needed, the business is eventually going to fall apart. And What you’re going to realize is you’re really in self employment with some people who are helping you and the goal isn’t to be self employed. It might be but it most likely it’s not and Andrew and I had to come to a conclusion to like, oh, wow, we’re self employed. We’re broken. Alright. Next, What do we need to do to get out of this? Let’s grow we’re wrong. Let’s change and if you’re starting something, just think that with the goal in mind and then know What skill sets you need to acquire to get your work done and then focus on other skill sets through partnership.

Anyways I’m out of time guys. I’ll catch you later peace

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