Ep. 311 – The Cover Up


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What’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys, welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Hey guys real quick, would you partner with me and changing people’s lives? Would you share this show with somebody that you know is trying to start a business, or is just trying to better their life in general? Appreciate it.

Well, guys, today, I really want to talk about how we, we often get stuck on knowledge when we’re trying to build and create or when we’re trying to do something new. Anytime that we start out on a new adventure, any time that we start out in a new job, anytime we start out in any area, or any location that is unfamiliar to us, right? We get stuck on knowledge, oh, I don’t know enough to do this. I don’t know enough to do that. I don’t know enough. And really What that is, and What that covers up is low self esteem. You know exactly What you need to know for today, in everything you do know, is already in you, you already know What to do. This is a scene that I personally tell myself a lot. When Andrew and I are crafting out and we’re building things for the company. I tell myself you already know What to do. It’s are you willing to do it?

Alex once said he talked about how you already know What to do. And if you stopped and talk to yourself like you would somebody else who came in your life, then ask for help and you coach them through What they would need to do to better their life. If they were in the same situation as you or the next steps, you already know the steps and it will just naturally come out of you. Oftentimes, it’s a low self esteem or self doubt battle. And oftentimes, we like, and we encapsulate that with a need for knowledge or a need or another skill set or a need to learn. When that’s really not the case, we already know What to do. And most of times if you can see the problem, and really it means that you can also see the answer that the answer is right in front of you. Because problems don’t come without solutions. Problems always come with solutions. And they’re synonymous. If you have a math problem, guess What, there is a solution. If you have a math solution, guess What, there is a math problem. They come hand in hand, they’re just two different sides of the same coin. But a coin is one single coin.

And I’m saying all that because it’s so important to not just cover up, and not to just run away What we think about ourselves, but to really face ourselves to really face What we think about ourselves to really face how we feel about ourselves, and then address that. Because if you think about that, that low self esteem will create toxicity in your life, it will create toxicity with relationship through decision making. It will create all of that in your life through different relationships. You have codependency could be a part of this, and different things, and then boundary problems and Lane problems.

And all of it comes from this heart of I don’t believe I’m good enough. When in reality, if you weren’t good enough, why are you doing What you’re doing, which is where impostor syndrome comes from? How are you even here, if you’re not good enough, other people thought you were good enough to be here. And so they agreed for you to be here. Right? If you start a lawn care business, and you think you have impostor syndrome, where your employees trusted you to work for you, if you got some of them, the customers believed in you, you should believe in you to and to look at yourself that way. And to really think about yourself positively. Oftentimes, we will look at all the bad but we won’t look at all the bad in our lives in a healthy manner, we’ll look at it in a toxic manner, where we just we don’t want to love ourselves, we tear ourselves down through self hatred. And we ostracize our own cells versus really loving ourselves.

And then one other piece though too low self esteem. Oftentimes low self esteem can be mistaken for low confidence. And confidence really comes in to when it when it comes to work. When you have done your end of the contract, when you have kept your promises when you have done the things that you said you’re going to do to yourself and to others, you’ll watch your confidence rise because one it helps you believe in yourself.

That’s why making the bed is important because it’s actually keeping the promise to yourself, not to anybody else not because having to clean beds nice but it is it teaches you and shows you that you can rely on yourself and see when we fail to keep promises and I’ve said this a lot that when we fail to keep promises or when we lie, lying hurts you the most and this is What I’ve said to a lot especially my my inner group of friends, we talk about this a lot, the person that line hurts the most is yourself because not only do you believe your own lie, you know you’re lying and then you have self doubt if you’re even can trust yourself. And so think about that. So if you really want to come out have a lot of low self esteem or low confidence. Honestly, you is really part of the key and follow through. So anyways guys, I’ll catch you later peace

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