Ep. 313 – Today is a Gift


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Episode Transcript

Hey what’s up what’s up? What’s up guys? Welcome back to THE a.m, welcome back to five minute rants. Welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy, guys, welcome back. Welcome back, welcome back. Hope life’s treating you good. I’m doing better than I deserve. And life is really awesome.

So I want to talk about defining great work. So last episode, I talked about language. But before I get into that, I think it’s so important to be happy and to have fun with What you’re doing. Now you can do a lot of miserable things. And be happy about it, you can do happiness is a choice, it’s not always a feeling. Happiness normally is generated from gratefulness and changing your mindset from I have to to I get to is a radical game changer. And I just want to say that that’s one reason why I really talk a lot about victimology. I talk a lot about ownership, I talk a lot about really taking charge of your life.

Because when you begin to understand that most of your life is within your control, and you let go and things that you can’t control, like I can’t control if the moon doesn’t come up tonight, or if the sun doesn’t drop, I can’t control. If people are actually going to sign a contract with me as I’m doing sales, I can’t control that. I’m not in charge of their decision. But What I can do is control my side of the aspect which is being honest individual, an honest person be somebody who’s trustworthy. And so that more people refer me as a business partner, more people refer the company more people refer us because I have a good name and a good reputation, so does the company.

And so the same thing with happiness, like being happy is so important. I’ve worked a lot of jobs that I’ve not wanted to work, I’ve done a lot of things that I’ve not wanted to do. And that have been hard like from physically strenuous to mentally strenuous to even like toxic work environments, where emotionally and mentally it’s like, Man, this is not a healthy place to be. But you know What, I can choose to be happy because I get to do this. And this is just a stepping stone. And everything in this moment that I don’t enjoy everything in this moment. That is hard, I get to receive this as a gift. And I can choose to see this as a gift. And that is something that adds value to my life. As long as I have the humility to learn from it, I can see it that way. And then choose to accept it that way. Or I can choose to accept it as something that’s just a curse and a hindrance and hurtful to me. But it’s normally not.

And it’s interesting how my choice to receive What is happening, and to receive the situation to receive the lessons that are being taught, whether it’s through the hard way, or the easy way to receive the moments in life that are uncomfortable when I choose to receive them as a gift, how much that radically changes my outlook on life. Gratefulness is so important. Being grateful and thankful for What we do have and where we’re at.

I was talking to my niece the other day, and we’re talking about things that were fair and unfair. And this is this isn’t What I originally planned on talking about for the episode. But I’m just going to continue this for a little bit. But I was talking to my niece about life and fair and unfair. And because her and her brother, were doing a lot of work around the house, and he got jobs that seemed to be easier. And we talked about it and I told her listen, life really isn’t fair. The work that you have to do to get where you want to go in life is going to be only unique to you. Your journey is your journey, no other person is going to walk in your journey. Now this doesn’t mean that people don’t have empathy, because they are going to go along the same path. But their experience is going to be different. How they handled the same path is going to be different than yours, their mindset. So people, What I’m saying is people can empathize with you, most people have been in your shoes. And it’s very dangerous to think that you’re the only one who’s ever been in your shoes, which is not true.

There’s an old proverb that says Nothing is new under the sun. And that’s really true. And so going back to What I was telling her I was talking to her like, What is fair, though, is your opportunity to choose What you want to do with life. What is fair and not things that are fair life is your choice in the matter. Your free will to see the situation how you want to see it you can see this get to where you can see it as have to, and have to is horrible, because duty can be crushing, right? Duty can be crushing versus my own free voluntary choice to live life this way and to do it and then realize I have a choice in the matter i i get hired at this job. I don’t want to be at this job. This job is horrible. They’re abusive. They’re this they’re that, awesome. Well, I get to do this right now. I get to learn all these lessons I get to become better and become stronger because of it. And then I also get to leave the job because I’m going to better myself and have a way out of this to my end goal and to my end game.

And so Happiness is so important and it starts with gratefulness. And it starts with a right perspective about the world around you. Anyways guys, I’m out of time so I’ll catch you later peace

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