Ep. 315 – Defining Speed


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What’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys, welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Hey guys, real quick, I really appreciate y’all tuning in and listening. If there’s anything that you would like me to talk about, or any content you’d like to hear, just leave it in the comments, I really want to know how this is adding to your life or how it’s not. I think that’s important. So anyways, that’s that.

So I’m still on the word definition kick because I think this is important. This is something Andrew and I talked about years and years ago was really defining words. And I wanted to find a word, I’ve used a bunch which is speed, right, like having speed matters. And this came up in one of my Andrew’s partnership conversations, and this is where definitions can break, or cause friction in partnership. And in team unity, because speed to me meant one thing and speed to him meant another. And so one of the things we’re talking about is the definition of speed, I’m going to give you our definition that we came up with.

Speed is important. Okay? It is important for all successful business matters. Speed is also directly correlated with skill level. So the higher your skill level is or the more repetitions the more reps that you have within doing something, whether it’s drafting, planning, whether it’s creating goals, and then disseminating that with an organization, whether it’s typing in code, whether it’s roughing a house for electrical work, or plumbing, whether it’s construction work, whether it’s sales, whatever it is, the speed that you do things is directly correlated with your skill level, speed also does not mean that you’re going to do things without a plan, or that you’re going to do things and chaos or disorder that’s actually anti speed, it may feel fast, because chaos feels fast, but it’s not actually speed.

And speed means that you will actually architect out a plan or solution no matter how how high level it needs to be or low level. And then also slow is smooth and smooth is fast, which means that speed normally starts off slow, and is a long term play, that then begins to grow into a frictionless momentum driving machine. And so if you think about that, it’s like, cool, I have all my processes planned out for customers and clients for this offering. And I’ve built that. And now What I’ve done is build speed. Because now we can scale. Now we can move quicker, because we already have all the infrastructure needed to support the new jobs, to support the fulfillment of the promises, and to support the distribution of the work along the team. And then also the distribution through the marketing and sales, and all of the other things.

So I’m just saying that because I think it’s important. And let me give you an example of this. I’ve been playing piano since I was like eight years old. I’m 36. Now, so that’s 26 years. I think my math is right. I’m better at piano that I’m a math, so but 26 years. And as a result, when I’m playing with people, I can normally learn whatever needs to be learned really quickly, right? Unless it’s gonna be classical music, like I used to play. And I gotta sit there and like, pound some notes out and read some notes. But even then I would probably be faster than most because I have so much time under my belt. So my playing the piano is the skill level that I have with that is directly correlated with the speed I have. But that’s because I’m familiar with the framework. I’m familiar with the plan. I’m familiar with the outline of how things work. And so as a result, that familiarity allows me to architect or plan out how the song actually goes, how it plays, and why it’s doing What and What the other band members are doing. Or whoever I’m playing with, whether it’s solo or not,

It also means that I’m able to start slow. And then that long term period of slowness, and I’m saying long term, because when you start slow, it always feels long, no matter how fast you get at this, that starting point that’s long term based, and has removal, the short term thinking to where you’re just grinding that is minimized because of my skill level. And so and because of how I’m used to understanding how music works, how it plays, and all these things, and so that’s minimize, and then I’m able to pick up things much faster than most.

And I’m saying this because if you think about your journey in entrepreneurship, if you think about your journey in business, you think about your journey working for people. This is how life works. And part of my goal with this podcast is to teach people and to teach, just just to spread the word about how life works, because if we understand how life works if we understand how to learn better, how to see better how to listen better, everybody’s ship rises. A tide makes all boats rise, all of them and that’s my Good English for you right there. So all boats rise.

Anyways guys I’m out of time so I’ll catch you later peace

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