Ep. 319 – The Destructive Power of Freedom


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Episode Transcript.

Hey what’s up, everybody, welcome back to THE a.m guys, welcome back to five minute rants, hope you’re doing well, hope life is treating you good, I’m doing better than I deserve, personally.

Well, let’s just go ahead and jump into it. So last last episode, I talked about self control, and why it’s really a very important skill to have in life. I also want to talk about the purpose behind self control. So Here’s a saying ‘freedom destroys’ okay. And the reason why freedom destroys is because the lack of self control, because Here’s What freedom means freedom means that you are free to do whatever you want. You’re free to choose whatever path you want in life, you’re free to move forward in any direction, you’re free to go off and do and be whoever you want to be, even if that’s a like, become a criminal, because you all of a sudden, just want to go rob banks, you’re free to do that. Nobody’s going to stop you from doing that the law and the police don’t stop you. they uphold the law and enforce the law that’s different than stopping you.

Consequences don’t stop you from doing things, okay. They just enforce laws and principles within society. And within life, like the law of gravity enforces us staying on Earth. And so I’m saying all of this, because freedom is very destructive without self control. One of the worst things that we can have in life is freedom, without self control, and you can actually see that a lot society, a lot of people have a lot of freedom to do things. And then they don’t actually fulfill or accomplish the dreams that they want. Because everybody has dreams. The differences are you moving towards them? and the thing that helps you move towards your dream more than most other things in life is self control.

You can be the most knowledgeable person in life, you can be one of the most skilled people at your job or your work, right, let’s just say you’re a researcher or a coder, or things like that you can be one of the most skilled people in your industry and in your field with doctorates and accolades, all these things. But if you’re not going to have self control, to apply yourself, and to forward your life and like move your life forward, like create forward momentum and go to become the person that you have desire to be, you don’t have the self control to enforce that, to enforce the actions necessary to get up to be disciplined in What you need to do throughout the day and the work that needs to be completed, you’re not going to go anywhere.

See, the way the world is made, is for us to operate in decency in order the world is really made for us to operate in order. And not just in chaos, when there’s chaos. There’s normally destruction involved of our lives or of other things like so if you watch and think about a house, right? A house that has been abandoned property that’s been abandoned, it’s slowly but surely goes back to chaos. It’s not maintained. Right, you’ll see the grass grow, you’ll see vines grow, you’ll watch the house rot and decay, it goes back to chaos and disorder, versus when things were orderly, the order takes work and effort. And that’s What self control really produces. And self control really produces the ability for us to go forward to create the world that we want the life that we want to help us accomplish our dreams, to help lead teams to help instill greatness in yourself and in others that all require self control.

And it is especially just within work in general, and I’m not talking about going to your job, or I’m talking about the responsibilities on your life to be the person that you’re to be. So if you’re married, you know, if your husband or wife, you have responsibilities to your spouse, you have responsibilities to your children, if you have them, you have responsibilities outside of your own house, you have responsibilities towards yourself singularly as a person, we all have our individual responsibilities towards ourselves, like it’s my responsibility to take care of myself, to love myself, to eat healthy, to exercise, to show up to keep my promises to be a man of my word. Those are my personal responsibilities. I also have responsibilities with my wife, to be a good husband to be faithful, right? To continue to go down that path and do those things as a good husband would I have responsibilities to my partner in business. And so all of that though, in my life is accomplished through self control without self control. None of those responsibilities or promises are going to be kept and fulfilled.

And then that freedom to just do because I’m free not to keep my promises. I think about that what’s forcing me to keep my promises or keep my word nothing. And that freedom can now be very dangerous. freedom can be amazing and great and it is because you’re free to become who you want to be and do What you want to be in life. However without self control, freedom becomes very destructive if you go back to that house analogy without somebody having the self control to maintain and keep that up slowly but surely chaos comes in and then destroys and wrecks everything.

And so that is why in the previous episode I really talked about why self control is so important for your life it is so important to have self control to be able to tell yourself no or yes within appropriate boundaries. Anyways guys, I’m over so I’ll catch you on the flip side peace

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