Ep. 322 – It’s Simply Selfishness


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What’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys. Welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Hey guys, real quick if you know somebody whose life would be better by listening to the show, will you share the show with them, and partner with me in changing some lives? I appreciate that.

So the past couple episodes have really talked about customer experience. And so I actually want to talk about why most of us in business have a hard time creating a good customer experience. In the key word is selfishness. Here’s the thing. We are often very selfish as people, right. And if you think about it, oftentimes we grew up as kids being selfish. And we don’t seem to come out of that without actually recognizing that we are. So Here’s the thing change occurs in your life, when you recognize that there’s something that you either want to change or needs to change. Right. So a need to change is wow, this is detrimental. To me, this is hurting my life. It is not adding to my life, and it’s causing pain and problems in my life. Okay, so that would be I need to change this.

A, I want to change this, okay, I’m here, I’m doing pretty good. This isn’t a bad area of my life, but it would, it’s definitely something that needs to work on. And I would like to be this type of person, right? Like, I’m not always on time, but I’m pretty faithful, like I got a 50% show up, right. This is an example 50% show up, right, I want to really be seen as somebody who shows up on time and values other people’s time, I’m going to work on this now. Both of those require realization, recognizing that there’s something that you either want to change or need to change, okay. And this is where most change comes from, you have to recognize you have to be conscious or aware of it.

Oftentimes, we don’t see ourselves as selfish for whatever reason, we really as people like to ignore bad things. And I’m air quoting bad things, wrong things, we like to ignore those and focus on the stuff that makes us feel happy and good. Here’s the thing, you’re in charge of What you feel, right? You have externalization, which blames everything outside of you for all your problems, and you try and control your environment to make you happy. Versus Oh, I’m at fault for not being happy. I’m at fault for not being peace, right? Like going if you think about going into test, you really worked hard and studied hard for it. You don’t feel nervous or anxious. You did your work up front. And so there’s peace and calm versus Oh, no, I totally forgot to study and stay up all night and you’re anxious worried about it. The test didn’t make you anxious or worried the work you did prior to taking the test is your responsibility to show up and be the person who said you would be is What opened the door to anxiousness, interesting, right?

So I’m saying all that because oftentimes, we don’t realize how selfish we are. And it’s very easy to get caught up in selfishness in the company, it’s especially when you’re starting out. It’s very easy when you’re starting out because there’s a couple things you need money to start out. And you’re not going to raise funds immediately out of the gate if you’re going that route. Or you’re not going to have revenue coming in the door if you’re going that route either. So you need money to get going. So What do you want money? Right? It’s very easy to put that first because it’s a need it pays bills, it puts food on the table. It’s all this stuff, right? It’s a need. And it’s very easy to be selfish with that versus Okay, What does my client want? My client doesn’t want to be pushed in making the decision. I believe in a prospect they don’t just want to be pushed in, go through this whole sales process and all these things because I’m money hungry.

And people can smell when your money hungry by the way, and people can smell when you’re not. It comes off you hardcore, by the way, just so you know if point in negotiations. And so when you’re going through all this, it is hard to stop and go Alright, I’m going to be selfless. What do they really want? Well, I want to pay my bills. Cool. But that doesn’t matter. That doesn’t matter to them that I want to pay my bills, What really matters to them? What matters to them, wow, they want their company to succeed. Wow, they want a trustworthy partner. Wow. They want somebody who keep their promises. They want somebody who listens, whatever it is, you go down the list. And then you have to put those things first and be selfless. You come second now. Right?

And Here’s the thing is if you put others first, whatever you sell, you’re going to reap it’s going to come back to you. But it’s hard when you are in places and in points in time in the business to where it’s like oh my gosh, my life is falling apart. And I’m not saying that you don’t need to be upfront or direct with people like charge people What you’re worth don’t do that. What I’m talking about is this heart position of putting your needs and putting them on to other people to get other people to fulfill your needs. Versus they’re hiring you to solve a problem or solution or they’re gonna buy your product for one of those reasons.

And I think it’s so important to see that like selfishness is What inhibits us from really serving people and creating a good customer experience. So if you’re lacking good customer experience in certain areas Just because their selfishness your focus on What you want to focus on be it product, money, process team, whatever it is and not really thinking about them.

Anyways guys, I’m out of time so I’ll catch you later peace

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