Ep. 326 – Why Should I Listen To You?


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What’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys, welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Hey guys real quick. If you know somebody who’s looking to better their life or improve their life, would you partner with me in changing lives and share this show with them? Appreciate it.

Well, a couple episodes ago, I talked about listening. And I really actually want to come back around to this because I really believe that listening is a diminishing skill set. Right. And so listening not only is a skill, but also to me, it is a piece of serving, listening is a part of servitude towards other people. So I, I live a very people focused life. And this is What I mean, like my heart is to serve and impact and change lives, of the people that I just meet on the daily, whether it’s the cashier at Kroger, whether it’s the guy pumping gas next to me at the gas station, whoever, right, like I want to serve people, that is one of my goals in life. And listening is a key piece of that. Because if I’m not going to be able to listen to somebody, I’m not going to be able to serve them.

Now this has carried over into the company, there’s business applications to this, right. But Here’s the other thing I want to talk about with listening, you get more than you give. So whatever you give away, you always get more. And so if you give your time in the conversational way to listen into ask questions, you will actually receive more and get more, then oftentimes, when you just talk that when you’re just selfishly talking, because you want to share and I’m not saying that, it’s got to be this rigid rule to where you can only ask questions you can never share about yourself. That’s not true. Like there’s a flow and a rhythm to life. There’s a flow and rhythm to relationships and how they work. There’s given taken all these things.

But oftentimes, especially because of the day and age we’re in where screens often take up a lot of our time to where we’re selfishly consuming are selfishly, or selfishly consuming, we’re selfishly just making these about me with my time, and I don’t give my time away, like I used to, or people don’t give their time away like they used to, because the way that you actually were entertained way back in the day was through conversation, right, there was no TV, there was no Internet, there was no Facebook or social or any of those things.

And so the way that you actually were entertained in the way that you got given to was through listening, and we’re losing that, we’re losing that as a culture, you can see it. And I’m saying this, because if you actually give away your piece in the conversation, you get way more back, way more back than What you gave up. And oftentimes, you’ll learn so many unique things, you’ll be able to learn about how people work the human condition, you’ll be able to learn about them as a person their skill set, it will actually impact their life more oftentimes than talking. There’s a time and a place to serve people through communication through talking on that side through verbal talking in the communication cycle.

But a large part of the impact that people have is when you listen. And if you can translate this into your company, and you talk about listening and actually listening to your team. You think about the culture you’re going to create where now you have a culture of empathy, of a culture of understanding. You also have a culture of moving through things and working through problems as a team, and you have a culture of caring, and then your customer side as well. Do you take this and you go into your relationships, right? Whether you’re dating, whether you’re married, your kids, whoever you think about listening to your kids how often times as a kid did you get pushed off to the side not listened to and cared about and that was one thing that you wished growing up, you had more of you were listened to. That’s huge.

Now you think you replicate that in everyday life. And Here’s the benefits of it. And I am going to talk about the benefits of it, you learn such an exponential amount at an exponential rate, if you’re actually listening to What the person saying not waiting to respond. But listening and taking the information that’s given to you people will give you and teach you and open up doors a new ways in life that you would not have previously had access to without asking questions and listening to them. Whether it’s just everyday life, whether it’s in work in your learning a skill set, whether it is actually just interacting with your friends.

And I’m saying this because oftentimes we sit and we’re thinking and just spinning in our mind, and we totally forget that I am here to learn because I really don’t know much of anything. And honestly, I take that position in my heart. I really don’t know. Like, I’m an idiot. I really don’t know. I don’t know the best way to do this. I don’t know the worst way to do this. Can you help me talk to me teach me and then why’d you do things that way? And then the exponential amount of learning and knowledge you gained From just listening is enormous in your your life will just change by just doing this. Anyways guys, I’m out of time I’ll catch you later peace

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