Ep. 328 – Real Meaningful Work


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What’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys. Welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Hey, real quick before we get started, if y’all know somebody who is trying to better their life, would you partner with me in changing lives and share the show with them? Appreciate it.

Well, guys, today I want to talk about real meaningful work. I have found in my journey, that most people in life want to have purpose behind their task or behind their job. They want real meaningful work. What does that mean? Oh, it’s just not fake. And this is why defined by fake fake is based off of serving in providing value and bettering people’s lives versus selfish work, which is What I want to do just to better my life. And to me, that’s fake because it may look great. And you may have a great massive house and Mercedes Benz all this money and all this money. But did you actually create real meaningful change in the world? Did you impact people’s lives? Are people better for knowing you? Those are some big questions to ask.

And I found that along the way, it doesn’t matter What where you are in life doesn’t matter how big you dream, or how small your dream is, because everybody’s got dreams of all different shapes and sizes. What matters is most people want real meaningful work. And so if you’re leading a team, or if you’re building a company, how are you providing that to your employees to your team? How are you providing that to your team members? When you’re in a marriage How do you help instill that with your kids to where you’re helping them, helping give them a foundation, and equipping them to actually do something that they want within life that has real meaningful impact for themselves and others around them. And I don’t think that I’m alone in wanting my work to matter or wanting my life to matter. I think this is a universal, a universal piece for most people. And oftentimes, if people aren’t like this, I found along the way, that it’s because they’ve been hurt along the way, and that there needs to be healing in some places.

So I’m saying this, because if you’re going to build something, it is your job as the leader to help and provide and facilitate real meaningful work in people’s lives. It is your job as your own person to provide and facilitate real meaningful work in your life, cool, you’re just another number at a job that doesn’t care, cool, that’s on you to be responsible for them to go find somebody to go find a company to partner with that does real meaningful work. And it’s interesting, because reading about a lot of different massive corporations, you have both sides to where there isn’t real meaningful work, and you have, you have fake work, and then you have an inspiring work, to where it actually matters, work matters, the culture is changing, the world is changing, because What you do, and

I think that along the journey, it is my job to find my real work, how do I serve people? How do I give value? How do I add to society versus detract from it? Right? That’s my solo responsibility. And then as a leader, and as a CEO, it’s also my responsibility to then be able to facilitate that for the team. It’s my responsibility to facilitate those things to everybody who has partnered with me and said, Hey, let’s do this together, let’s go on this journey together, let’s build this together. And I think if you’re in any place of leadership, you have to be able to facilitate real meaningful work, which means that there’s a greater good purpose there means there’s a vision, there’s focused work behind all this.

And I also think, two, if you’re going to facilitate real meaningful work, you also have to facilitate freedom. And I think this is so important, because you can get into a company that has everything automated, and you’re literally like a factory, and you’re that one dude who pushes a button, every time something comes through, just push the button and you stay in there for eight hours a day, push the button. And that’s what’s been built. That’s not real, meaningful work. Right? That’s using a human being in place of a piece of machinery or equipment. real meaningful work is giving people and building processes and culture that allow people to think that allow people to have a voice, and allow people to have ownership of the process and the journey.

And when you do that, you talk about actually opening up the doors to moments inside the company moments inside relationships with people to where everything is just exploding one because everybody’s excited about where we’re gonna go. Everybody’s excited about how we’re going to change the world and then two, they love the work they’re doing. And if you have people who love the work they’re doing, do you think they’re going to do a bad job? And the answer is no. And so that’s part of this is being a facilitator of real meaningful work as a leader and as a creator and as visionary that is one of the main roles in my opinion that you have to do.

So anyways, that’s it for today guys. I’ll catch you later peace

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