Ep. 351 – Give It Away


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Hey what’s up? What’s up? What’s up everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys. Welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business.

So last episode, I really talked about What the most important people to know in life is yourself. This next one, I want to talk about giving everything away. And What do I mean by that? I actually mean by living a life with a purpose beyond yourself to where your life is really building something bigger than yourself, right? It’s not self motivated, you’re letting go of selfishness and you’re really choosing to give your life however, you’re not gonna be able to give your life and you’re not gonna be able to serve people unless you know who you are. And so you could really think of this as a part two to that episode that was released yesterday.

So anyways, giving it away, and giving your life away. And giving the things that you have away is one of the most self gratifying things like it feels so good like it, it is very self gratifying. And it’s very gratifying to yourself. The problem is, is most of us do this selfishly, because it does feel good. And when you’re doing it selfishly in a lot of ways, it really actually stops you from being able to serve people. And when you really let go of your selfishness, when you really understand who you are, then at that point, the doors open for you to move forward to serve people, and actually add value to their lives, help them move forward for them to change their own lives. And then actually partner with people along the journey, and along their journey. And then you get to be a small part of their life. And you get to be a small part of their life’s journey, which is actually really cool, long term.

This is so important team wise, this is so important, especially if you’re building a company because the leader who is at the top, you’re leading because you are the biggest servant in the company, right, you’re not leading because you’re the greatest you’re leading because you are living in a way that serves everybody and serves more people than somebody else could to provide value to let go to give, to teach to guide to coach all these things. And all of this trickles down through the company. Because that’s really What leadership is, it’s really giving away, giving away your life, giving away honor giving away a lot of different things. And I’m not talking about where you’re like impoverishing yourself, right?

Giving has nothing to do with self destruction. Giving has nothing to do with harming yourself through things, right. That’s like if you only have $20 for the end of the month to buy the rest of your groceries on. And then you give that 20 bucks to help somebody else. That’s not giving. That’s not true. Giving giving is living a life and building a life that allows you to actually help people along the way without destroying your own like, and we’re not talking about sacrificing your life for somebody else, right? To where, okay, cool, I want to have something negative in my life. So something positive and happy in your life. That’s not at all What giving is giving is a win win scenario, when you’re giving things away when you’re giving life What you win, and the other person wins that you’re interacting with.

And I think honestly, it is misunderstood What true giving is. And then it’s definitely misunderstood in leadership, because one of the leaders job is to give away every day, and give value every day, let down What he wants to do to do what’s best for the team, I talk about this a lot. A lot is where as a leader, my job is not to just make decisions that are best for me, nope, I let go of that and have to give that up and make decisions that are best for all of us right and have to make selfless decisions. And so that’s part of What happens every day, from a place of servitude, from a heart of servitude, in order to really propel others forward, like your job is it should be to make others better than you right to where when people come and interact with you. Even if it’s for 30 minutes, 20 minutes out of the day getting your coffee in the morning, right part of your job as a person is that interaction is one of the best parts of their day, is one of the best parts of their morning to really let go.

And I think often this is lost just simply because we’re selfish. And I understand that selfishness comes oftentimes, because we have simply not chosen to stop, pause and take ourselves out of our shoes and put ourselves into other people’s shoes. And when selfishness is there when we’re acting out of self, you know, self preservation all these other things. I’m gonna get mine and all this stuff. It actually allows toxicity come in versus if you have a culture where everybody’s giving and serving. You talked about healthiness flowing throughout the company. You talk about healthiness flowing throughout the team. You talk about healthiness, really moving forward and then production speeds up. Everything comes from this because now you have healthy people working for you. Think about that you have healthy people working with you. And that’s major. That’s huge.

So anyways, that’s it for today’s rant guys, and I’ll catch you later. Peace

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