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What’s up? What’s up? What’s up everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys. Welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome back to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Hey guys real quick, if you know somebody whose life would be changed by listening to the show, would you partner with me and share with them? I appreciate it.

Well, guys, today, I want to talk about just some practicals for how to get momentum. So let me give you this analogy, right. You’re sitting on top of a mountain top, there’s a massive boulder in front of you, and you are trying to roll that boulder downhill. Well, the hardest part of rolling that boulder downhill is getting started, right actually having that boulder move and gain momentum. It’s the same way in life, every time you wake up, you have to start over the day, you have to gain momentum. And this is why a lot of people have morning routines. This is why a lot of people have daily routines is because gaining momentum is the hardest part about the work, gaining momentum in building, then setting that foundation and driving the company forward when you first start, is some of the hardest work there is to be done.

And if you listen to any entrepreneur, any person who’s built a business or a company, they all talk about getting to your first 100,000 is normally harder than your first million. And vice versa. Like it’s the universally talked about this or seem to be. So the reason why I’m saying this is often time, the reason why we don’t start well, or why we don’t gain momentum or why we don’t know What we’re doing is because we actually don’t have a plan. And we don’t actually have clarity on What we need to do. And we don’t have clarity on how to do it. And a practical and this applies for anything, it doesn’t matter What you’re doing, whether you’re trying to build a company or not, or just life in general, What matters is you actually have a clear plan for that day, right.

And What brought this up is I was actually talking to my wife, and she owns a law firm, and she runs a practice and I help her with stuff, she comes and talks to me we have a really healthy relationship, both maritally and like as partners. And then also, you know, with doing things business, and I’m really privileged and honored to have her in my life. But What brought this whole conversation up is we were actually on a date. Last night, I believe we are on a date last night. And one of the things she asked me was like, Hey, how do you actually plan to know like, plan out your work? Like how do you know What to do?

And one of the things we talked about practically was, I told her every Monday, Andrew and I have an overview of all the work being done in the company. We have a scrum meeting, right, and our weekly Scrum. And then from that weekly Scrum, we cover everything from client work, status updates, different things running through, and then we go into our internal work, hey, What do we actually need to build for the company. And then from that Scrum, I’m taking my to do list and part of the reason for that Scrum is we actually talk about fires, hey, this is a fire that’s happening. We didn’t have anything to prevent this. We did not see this happening. What can we build to prevent this in the future? Is it a priority to build? And is it worth building? Or how often does this fire occur, right? And so we talked about those things to build. Then we talk about goals, and future goals and things to build in the company. Okay. So I told her, Hey, we do all of this. And then from that meeting, I actually draft a list of objective work that needs to be accomplished that week. And I compare it to current goals. So I have goals set. And goals are nothing without a timeline and a date, right? Like, if I don’t say this must be accomplished by this date. It’s not real, it’s not a real goal, because I’m no longer measuring to see if I’m winning or failing at accomplishing my goals. So I have those. And then from that week, I will pull out, Oh, these are the important things to build from the scrum. This is my work that I’m doing.

And I told her, the best way to do that is plan the day before, like if you if you want to plan out your week, plan that week, or you just start today. I mean, excuse me start tomorrow today. So in other words, I take a few minutes at the end, take 15 minutes at the end of every work day, and plan out What you need to do and how some practical steps and for Hey, these are the things I need to accomplish on here. My priorities. Here’s What I need to focus on. Here’s What I need to do. You plan that out up front the night before, you’re going to be so much clearer and it’s going to be very easy to get momentum the next day.

The hardest part of any job is normally the thinking. The second hardest part of any job is the boredom that sets in once you begin doing the thing that you need to do. Boredom is such a huge killer. But unclarity is even a bigger killer. And anyways, just some practical tips. We talked about that me and her on the date night and thought I’d share for y’all too. Anyways guys, I’m going out of time so I’ll catch you later peace

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