Ep. 379 – You Attract You


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What’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys, welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Hope you guys are doing good, I’m doing better than I deserve, honestly.

Well, today, I really want to talk about how you get good clients, and how you find good talent, how you find people who are going to partner with you, right. And I really want to talk about how it actually begins with you, the person you are and the type of person you are attracts people just like you.

And so if you’re looking to hire better people, if you’re looking to level up in terms of different clientele, it really starts with a journey of self improvement, it really does. And it starts with you really becoming the person that you want to be. And when you become that person, you seem, it just seems to happen. And you seem to find the people that you want to work with across the board. And Andrew and I, when we first started, we really learned this because Andrew and I were cheap. And as a result, we partnered with a lot of people and got a lot of clients that were more worried about money than the value delivered by our services. And that’s because that’s where our focus was, was exactly where we are at. And we are more concerned with the money. And we are more concerned with that then the value that we’re actually delivered, and then the value that we were worth.

And this is how it is when you are in business is who you are as the leadership who you are as owners actually ends up being What the company is, and who you are as a person is how the company actually functions and focuses in their in the brand identity and the culture and all these things. And it’s interesting, because as you change as a person, as you change as a founder, right, as you change as an entrepreneur, or somebody who’s just starting something, then at that point, the company changes, okay. And different people have different effects in the company, right? As the team grows, the company culture is going to be changed and affected by the people within the company, by the leadership team, by management, by the by production, and by all these different facets, that’s going to have an effect.

But when you first start out, one of the big things is it’s really all on you, for it to become that. And this is one reason why if you see guys who are super successful in business, and they’ve built things, why things get off the ground much quicker, because they’re bypassing. And they’re bypassing this whole stage of let me learn who I am. In, let me learn What I want to be about. They’re bypassing that whole stage. And skipping straight to this is really who I am. And this is really who the company is 10 years from now. And I’m saying all this, because if you can actually have a vision for 10 years from now What the company looks like, What is going to act like a talk like, and then you begin replicating that in your day to day, you will fast for this whole stage of life and this whole journey.

But you’ve really got to have a vision for who you want to become and who you are, and then who the company is going to become and who they are, and who the company is actually going to act like an all of this changes the clientele, all of this changes the opportunities you are going to get to work, and that you’re going to get to work in and with and all the opportunities that are going to come your way all of this is predicated on who you are as a person as an individual. And if you pause and you want to learn who you are, and you want to learn What the company is, pause and look at the type of clients you have, pause and look at the type of team members you have or don’t have. And that’s a direct reflection of the company’s identity and of your identity.

And if you can stop and take a moment to step outside of your shoes, and step outside of the day to day Oh, these are all the things I need to do. These are all the things that I need to act on, and and step away from production to look at where you currently aren’t compared to where you want to go, you’ll be able to improve and change, then all of this is that journey that I keep talking about with life, right? It’s that journey to where it’s like you, you have to continue to move forward. You can’t just stay stagnant. You’ve got to grow. And you’ve really all of this is got to be predicated on a greater good. All of this has got to be predicated on a vision for your life and a vision for the company.

And if you’re able to do that, and then take that vision and translate it right into practical means in practical terms and then execute against it. You’re going to win in whatever you’re setting out to accomplish and it’s a lot easier than you think it is we tend to overcomplicate things. And so the main takeaway from all this I’m just going to reiterate is you attract you and whoever you are and whoever the company is, is going to attract that.

Anyways guys, I’m out of time so I’ll catch you later peace

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