Ep. 127 – Strategy – Part 3 – Planning


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What’s up? What’s up? What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to THE a.m guys, welcome back to five minute rants. I’m your host, Michael Abernathy. And welcome to the show predicated on the journey of life and business. Well, guys, welcome back to the strategy breakdown series. This is episode three, and we’re gonna talk about planning. Okay.

And so we just finished with the information stage where we really got all of the lay of the land, where do we stand currently, and then What does the finish line look like? We just finished that. And so the next part, if you’re really building our strategy, and this is, again, for any objective in your life, right, whether it’s business or not, for us, currently, we’re talking about lawns are us, just to recap, so if you’re, if we’re working on lawns are us now we’re going to break down the pieces, we got to go through each of those pieces that were listed off last time, which are tools, Team, money, marketing, sales, operations, and offerings. And we’re going to break down each of those pieces to understand What we need to build first. And so the biggest part of a plan, one of the biggest things it does is it gives you clarity on What you on the work, you actually need to do What you actually need to do. And the second thing is it allows you to prioritize What you need to do first. And so that way, you can gain momentum quickly.

And so where we’re at right now is, we are in the planning stage, and that and Here’s another thing real quick, if you’re about to start planning, like, Hey, let me break down the pieces, you need to make sure that all the team members that are appropriate for the planning need to be there and if you’re a small team, if you’re like five or six people, and that’s as big as company get, I’ll get everybody together and talk to them. Because you need buy in from the people that you’re working with, to help you execute whatever you’re about to embark on. If it’s just you and your wife, and you’re, you’re thinking about, hey, I want to retire. And my objective is to retire, you need to meet with your wife and make sure she’s there if you’re retiring, or whoever it is your spouse. And they need to be a part that can be binding communication. And if you don’t have that type of relationship with the people you’re working with, you actually really need to consider that you don’t have a team, because teams communicate teams, edify teams, correct. Teams are excited and happy to be together and work together. Right. And so teamwork needs to be there. And no politics, no just keeping each other happy to be happy.

So I want to get into some more practical side of things, though, for the planning. And so when you plan, we’re going to take marketing, and we’re going to break down marketing for lawns are us just real quick. And so marketing going into that would break down into two categories, one inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Inbound Marketing is where you have people actually looking for your content, looking for your services, looking for your offerings. And that’s What inbound marketing is. outbound marketing is disruptive marketing. So it’d be like cold calling door knocking cold emails, even networking to some extent, I normally include networking and outbound marketing, because whenever you go networking, nobody’s looking to buy from you. And so going into the planning stage, you will take inbound marketing, and then you list out Alright, where are all my marketing channels? Do I have any? No? Okay? Let me do research. Because I need to think about the different marketing channels I can utilize to actually build my marketing, if I don’t have marketing, I don’t have sales, if I don’t have sales, I don’t have customers, if I don’t have customers, I don’t have monies. And all of those are very important in that order.

And so then you go into the inbound marketing side and be like, Okay, What is inbound marketing? Well, that includes content marketing includes SEO, that includes Pay Per Click marketing, that includes newsletters, social media, a lot of that stuff is inbound marketing, because people are looking for those things. Well, let me go through and find out which one is actually within our grasp, because we’re starting lawns are us from the ground up. And then we go through and be like, which one is easiest for us to start, we really don’t have the funds to pay somebody for marketing. And so What do we need to do? Wow, this looks like you’d probably be social media. And it would probably be making some content about cutting lawns and maintaining your lawn, and then spending 100 bucks to boost it and get eyeballs in my local area with my phone number of tasks. So people might call me to come cut the grass. Okay, that’s probably What I need to do. And then you build that, and then you would build stage two, What is my stage two for marketing? What is my stage three, What piece do I need to build yet because each of those would be a piece.

Last but not least, you need to actually attach a timeline to your objective at this point. And so you need to be like cool in five years. I’m going to build this out in five years, once you have all your pieces, and you kind of have a measurement of What needs to be accomplished. And you’ve gone down through all the pieces, and again, all the pieces and you build them out are tools, Team, monies ,marketing and sales, operations and offerings. And essentially, this should just look like a huge big to do list. All right. And so anyways, that’s really it for the planning breakdown. And and it’s really just drafting out all the details and getting to dues of What you need to do in prioritizing and seeing what’s within your grasp to start off first and quickly.

Anyways guys, I’m out of time so I’ll catch y’all next episode. Peace.

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