Ep. 82 – Waisting Time At The Starting Line

Most of the time we waste is at the starting line or pivot point along the journey. Taking the first steps of faith without having everything figured out will open the door for clarity to come in and move you forward.
What do you call a person with principles?

Discover what it means to be a ‘person of principles’ in our insightful blog post. Uncover the key characteristics, examples, and importance of living with integrity and strong moral values. Gain actionable advice on embodying ethics in your daily life. Click through for valuable takeaways!
Are principles and values the same thing? A Deep Dive into the Core of Success

Join Michael Abernathy as he breaks down the difference between principles and values in life and business. Discover why they matter, how they guide your decisions, and how to leverage them for success. Make sure you don’t miss out. Dive in now!
Ep. 81 – The Easy Way or The Hard Way

There are two ways to learn from failure, failing yourself or watching others fail. There’s more knowledge and wisdom to be gained in failure than there is in winning.
Why do we use principles?

Understanding the power of principles in life and business with this insightful post, ‘Why Do We Use Principles?’. Discover the importance of having principles, explore real-life examples, and learn how they shape your character and decisions making ability. Dive in for a fulfilling life!
What are principles and values?

Explore the significance of principles in Michael’s latest post, ‘Why Do We Use Principles?’. Uncover practical tips and tricks on how principles shape life decisions, influence business ethics, and enhance teaching methods. Start your journey towards a principle-driven life today!
Ep. 80 – The Most Important Things Are Normally The Most Underrated

A lot of harm is caused in life and business because we overlook or underrate some of the most vital things to us.
Ep. 79 – No One Just Jumps Off A Cliff.

Identifying the areas in your life that you need to work on can save you from failure.
Why Do Rules Matter? The Purpose of a Rule and Its Impact on Personal Growth

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Ep. 78 – You Only Move As Fast As You Fail

Saying no and learning from your failures creates momentum that will help you move forward.
How can I improve myself as a woman?

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What happens when you put too much pressure on yourself?

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